About Us

Onyx Engineering

We Engineer Solutions. It's What We Do.

We are Systems Integrators.  Our experienced staff applies technology to modernize and improve your business while maximizing your up time.

We have a better time to implementation.  Since we design and build our equipment we can turn around a project faster than the competition. We have tighter coordination between engineering and manufacturing.

We understand your process.  We not only understand the technology that we are using in the solutions we build, but we more importantly understand your process and understand how it works.  We have over 25 years of experience bringing innovation to our customers.  You can trust that an Onyx Engineering project will be backed with an engineering, fabrication, and service plan that is well thought out and well executed.  We believe that your success is ultimately our success.

We have close relationships with technology suppliers.  We are the only Rockwell Recognized System Integrator in our area.  We are the only Mitsubishi Certified Integrator in Southwestern Ontario.  We also have very good competency in  other technology suppliers such as Siemens, Schneider, General Electric, and others.  These technology giants trust us to integrate their products.  You should too.

Most importantly, We Engineer Solutions.  It’s what we do!