Case Study: Case Conveyor




 A food processing facility was experiencing increased demand that it’s case conveyor system could no longer handle. Additional conveyors and palletizers were needed to handle their increased production. ONYX was selected to integrate the new case conveyors, pallet conveyors and palletizers into their facility and improve their overall experience.



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The Problem

The existing control system had limited capability to palletize the various product lines they are now producing. To change paths the operator needed to manually move diverters. The system had little visibility into the status of diverters and conveyors. This resulted in having a greater possibility of down time, and relying more on hand piling of cases.

The Solution

ONYX Engineering provided electrical design and controls programming for new conveyors connecting 6 existing production lines to 4 new palletizers with a faster wrapping and stacking station. ONYX provided new HMI displays for all new conveyor lines, as well as displaying existing systems, giving options for path selections and where to run production.

The Results

The Control System upgrade provided multiple path selections in the event of issues with equipment, as well as improved the efficiency of production as new palletizers and wrapping/stacking equipment were able to meet production demands.

Project Details



About 5 months




Client: 1 Project Manager 

Onyx: 1 Project Manager 

       2 Controls Engineers







Services Provided

Control engineering and design

Control panel fabrication

PLC/HMI programming 

O & M and AutoCAD documentation 

Start-up and commissioning 





Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC

Allen-Bradley Studio 5000


Rockwell FactoryTalkView SE

Dell Thin Client